architektenteam schamp schmaloeer dortmundFoto: Ricarda Mohr

Susanne Schamp and Richard Schmalöer established the Office of Architecture and Urban planning in Dortmund in 1992. The company’s 25 year anniversary will celebrate at its current location in the laboratory in Phoenix in Hörde in 2017. Currently Susanne Schamp and Richard Schmalöer are working in a team approx. 30 people on various projects. Our services at a glance:

  • Architecture
  • General planning
  • Interior design and colour design
  • Lighting planning
  • City and traffic planning
  • Building planning (building plans)
  • Landscape planning
  • Classic Feng Shui
  • Tenant expansion planning
  • All professional engineering services

The diverse needs of the design and its implementation are solved in close cooperation with other specialist engineers. Willing to take on all tasks from the field of architecture, urban development, landscape planning and interior design from the preliminary draft to final acceptance as a general planner. The exact determination of costs and the adherence to the budget are basic requirements of the job. For each design, the place and its history, the surrounding area, the climate and the topography are the main factors for arriving at a complex solution. The goal is always to manage unique buildings and city areas in which people have a sense of well-being, new possibilities can be discovered and a connection between past and present future can be developed. There are international contacts in planning offices in Spain, Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands and China. The field of work of Schamp & Schmalöer has been enriched and expanded since 2008 through the offer of mediation. The procedure of mediation is a future-orientated and sustainable method of solving conflict. The main focus here lies in the areas of business mediation, mediation in the field of culture and in the field of planning, construction and preservation. There is close co-operation and constant exchange with the colleagues in the mediation offices in Switzerland and Germany.

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